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Subject: MY GIRLFRIEND'S BROTHERI had gone over to my girlfriend's house and we were to go to an afternoon
movie and then to dinner. Kellie's brother Todd informed me that she had to
work until 4 because her relief was sick. Todd was just about ready to go
swimming and he asked me if I'd like to join him. I didn't have a swimsuit
and I told him so. He had a few extra swimsuits and we went to his bedroom.
All he had were Speedos and I was a little shy about wearing them.
He finally talked me into it and while I chose the pair I wanted he was
already changing, unashamed, as he undressed before me. He had a great body
and I was a little taken aback by the fact that I had noticed such a thing.
I undressed slowly, hoping he gone on out without me and let me change in
private. But he didn't.
I turned away from him slightly, but I could feel his gaze upon me as I stood
there naked. I turned briefly to snatch the Speedos from his bed, and I'm
sure he got a look at my cock.
After dressing, we went to loli art
the pool and swam and tanned for about 2 hours.
"Kellie should be home in about another hour," he said. "What do you want
do to kill time?"
I told him I didn't know, but I definitely wanted to change first. "Do you
need to shower or do you just want to dry off?" he asked. I told him I'd
like a shower. This gave me an excuse to change in the bathroom.
I had a slight problem. I had tied the string in the Speedos in a knot, and
I couldn't get it out. I told Todd and he happily agreed to help get the
knot out. On his knees, his hands working only inches from my cock, he got
the knot out in about 5 minutes.
Not without incident, though. His hands occassionally brushed my cock and it
reacted to being touched, even if it was by another guy. He saw my hardening
cock and said, "Is it wanting Kellie?" I just smiled, embarrassed.
He got to his feet and asked for the Speedos, as non nude lolikon
he was headed for the
laundry room. non nude lolikon "Can I bring them after I take my shower?" I asked. He said,
"I don't want to make free lolicon doujin blog two trips." I hesitated, and he asked, "Embarrassed by
your body? Don't be."
He took his Speedos off to show me that there was nothing to it. "Well?"
I took them off and handed them to him. "Thanks," he said, then kissed me.
As tiny tits lolipop he held me I felt his cock against mine. His cock was getting hard and
so was mine.
"Does Kellie give head? I do," he said, and he stroked my cock. He stopped,
turned, and went to his bedroom. "Joining me?" he asked.
I don't know why I did it, but I followed him.
He was lying on his bed and I laid down next to him. He rolled over and
kissed me, then his lips began kissing my neck, chest, nipples, stomach, and
then found my crotch. His right hand was between my legs playing with my ass
as he licked my balls and cock. I thought I was going little lolit cunt
to cum before he
starting sucking me off. Pre-cum appeared at the head off my cock and he
carefully licked it off. Then he started to take me down, little by little,
until he'd swallowed it all. His sister did give head, but not like this.
He was great and an apprehension I had was now gone.
I could feel the orgasm coming, my cock ready to explode. He knew I was
about to cum, too, and he removed his mouth and stroked my cock as my wad
shot all over my stomach. I thought he was like his sister, a non-swallower,
but he licked all my cum off my body.
Todd laid next to me, and I told him that he gave great head. He held my
hand, then led it his crotch. It felt odd having loli bbs nymphs tiny someone else's cock in my
hand. "I want to get a nut, too," he said. "Are you going to blow me or am
I going to have to fuck you in the ass?"
I decided to go down on him, and I free lolicon vids did it directly. No wasting time licking
his balls or cock. I didn't really know what I was doing or if it was
correct, but Todd was moaning, so I kept it up. He was doing most of the
work, his hand on the back of my head, his hips thrusting, much like what I
did to his sister. Suddenly, he pulled his cock from my mouth and shot his
wad all over my face. He kissed me and licked it off.
He got up and got a jar of Vasoline from his dresser. "I thought I made it
clear I didn't want to be fucked," I told him. "No," he said. "I want you
to fuck me," and he lubed up my cock. He was on all fours, waiting for me to
enter him. Even with the lubricant, preteens lolis his shy lolit ass was tighter than Kellie's pussy.
It felt so good.
It was odd. I could feel my balls occassionally slapping his as I pumped,
and when I came, I came inside him.
"That was great," he said. "Getting fucked is better than fucking because of
the stimulating of the prostate."
Wouldn't you know it, he was right. That statement got me curious and I let
him fuck me. Afterwards, we showered together, toweled each other off, and
then kissed. He grabbed my cock and whispered, "I'll let you know when she
works again," and I enjoyed my relationship with him as much as with Kellie.
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